Welcome to Westside Laundry

At Westside Laundry, we strive to make your laundromat experience top notch. From our equipment to extra amenities to wash and fold laundry services, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Just as you have invested your hard-earned money in your clothing and other washables, we too have invested in top-of-the line laundry equipment. We offer our customers high end, coin-operated washers and dryers. Choose from top-load washers for single loads or double, triple, or mega load front loaders for your bigger loads.

Our gas dryers are quicker and more economical than steam dryers. We also offer tumble dryers for 30 or 50-pound loads. Need to cut down on drying time? Westside Laundry’s extractor machine extracts water from your washed load that cuts drying time significantly or, in some cases, eliminates drying time.

Forget something? No worries. Westside Laundry offers three name-brand detergents, two name-brand fabric softeners, bleach, and laundry bags for purchase on-site. Need change? We’ve got two change machines for your convenience. While you wait, enjoy free Wi-Fi, cable TVs, vending machines and a casino located inside the laundromat called River Card Casino.  

Thank you for your interest in Westside Laundry. We look forward to serving you and all your laundry needs.

Our Laundromat Offers:

  • Laundromat
  • Casino
  • Bar
  • Clean facility
  • Coin operated washers & dryers
  • Wash & fold laundry service
  • Laundry Extractor Machine (Extracts water out of laundry before drying)
  • Free WiFi
  • 3 Cable TVs
  • 2 change machines
  • Laundry Bags, Soaps and Fabric Softeners Vending
  • Pop and Snack Vending Machines
Laundromat Laundry Extractor
Laundry Extractor Machine  – Extracts water out of laundry to cut drying time or in some cases no drying is needed.
  • Washers
    • Front and Top-load Washers
    • Double, Triple, Mega-Load Front Loaders
    • Top-Load Washers Are Single Load
  • Dryers
    • Gas Dryers = Quicker and Cheaper drying compared to steam dryers.
    • Tumble Dryers are 30lb and 50lb.
  • Soaps
    • Tide™
    • Gain™
    • Cheer™
  • Fabric Softeners
    • Downy™
    • Bounce™
  • Oxiclean
  • Clorox ™ Bleach (Powder & Liquid)